Sunday, February 17, 2013

Basic Fingerless Mittens

This pattern is originally by Julia Vaconsin and was published on the Crochet Me website.  I had some difficultly interpreting the pattern and ended up making my first pair such that they were "inside out".  I was crocheting from inside the mitten instead of from the outside.  I've taken the original pattern  and added stitch numbers and a couple other things that ultimately helped me be able to reproduce these mittens.

This pattern fits a 7 inch wrist.  I removed two stitches to accommodate a 6 inch wrist.

In this pattern - you will use a foundation single crochet, single crochet through the back loop, chain stitch and slip stitch.  All Sc will be worked through the back loop (tbl)

Fsc 28. Join for working in the round with a sl st at bottom of first fsc, being careful not to twist.
Rd 1: Right-side facing: Sc tbl in first fsc, place marker, sc tbl to end of round (28 sts) - do not Sc in sl st.
Rds 2-10: Sc tbl around.
Rd 11: Sc tbl 1 more in last st of  round 10, sc tbl 1 (= first st of round 11), sc tbl 2 in next st, sc tbl to end of round.
Rd 12: Sc tbl without increasing.
Repeat last 2 rounds 4 more times (38 sts) (increase happens on the odd rounds).
Rd 21: Work around to st 34 (4 sts before marker) ch 3 (new beginning of round is the second of those 3 sts), skip 4 sts after marker (rejoin at st 5 of Rd 20) (skip 9 st total).

Work even for another 7 rounds (30 rounds total) or up to desired length, ending with a sl st in first st of round. Fasten off.

Rejoin yarn at thumb opening. Sc tbl in all 9 thumb sts (that were previously on hold), sc tbl 1 in each bottom of 3 ch sts. Continue working in the round for 3 rounds or up to desired length, ending with a sl st in first st of round. .
Fasten off.

Weave in ends. Wash and block. Wear and enjoy.

 The first attempt - these are "inside out".

 Below are a set of "mother/daughter" mittens.  I adjusted the pattern down to fit their wrist sizes.