Sunday, August 9, 2009

Review of Easy by Ally Blue

Easy by Ally Blue is a contemporary male/male erotica story. Dan is a hardened closeted gay man working in construction who comes across Stevie Sanger quite by accident while running an errand for work. Dan rescues Stevie from a life of prostitution, gives him a home and a fresh start. Emotions run high as Stevie and Dan fight their attraction to one another; each for different reasons.

This story was lacking the strength of a good alpha. I found Dan to be a so-so character, but believable in his situation. Stevie comes across as the classic flamboyant gay man. Both characters at times are very indecisive about how to handle their feelings. The story had good potential, but lacked in the character development to necessary to pull me into truly feeling for the characters and their situation. If you like tension derived from indecisiveness, you might like this story. For me though, it was not a bad story, but not a must read either.

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