Sunday, August 8, 2010

What have we done to our world?

Ask anyone you meet on the street how they feel about global warming.  For the most part, you'll get a mixed bag of opinions.  Those who think it is all a crock; those who think that humans are the worst thing to happen to Earth in its history; those who think that Earth is a self-regulating entity that will right itself on its own schedule.

Whether you are a die-hard believer in global warming or a total skeptic, it is hard to view the weather/world headlines and not acknowledge that *SOMETHING* is going on. 

Take the Headlines from CNN today:
Flooded Out Pakistans live on Freeway
Hundreds More Wildfires Burn in Russia
Hundreds Missing in China Landslides
Floods in Europe Kill 10

Not a fan of CNN?  Try the front page of Fox News:
Asian Floods Plunge Millions into Misery
Tornadoes Rip up N.D., Minn.

And finally - the BBC:
Dozens Killed in China Landslides
Rain Adds to Pakistan Flood Woes

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